Short Stories

She says, with an innocent mouth, and watery eyes: "How do people get to be so fucked up? She looks at her hands. They open. Palms facing the skies, and she looks into them. She sees.... more
He closes the door to his bedroom behind him, and goes for the bed.  He lies face down, arms wide spread, and listens to his muffled breathing. The cat is not around. Its just him and the four... more
One night, while the pillars that hold the Heaven and Earth from each other stood strong, a fierce wind blew.  Down went the pillars.  And then the wind subsided. There was but a hush.... more
Hey Mr. nine to five, Ta tara, ta, ta tara,  you ain’t boxing me in, blum blumblum, blum, blum blumblum.. (repeat)   Hey Mr. nine to five, Tara ra ra,  you ain... more
This is a short story about an orphan penguin named Pete whose iceberg heads south to the tropics.   Pete's iceberg has just broken away from the ice land it has been attached to all... more
A long long long long long, I mean really long, long time ago, there was this guy who was naked. It wasn't a big deal, everybody was naked. Anyway, just like most everybody else, this guy was... more
Imagine this: you’re a westerner, (you probably are anyway), you want to go on a holiday, somewhere new, somewhere different than what you have seen so far. You’re married. You have two... more
  Deep deep in the woods, one night, when all were asleep, except for the wide open eyes of the owls, one ant woke itself up for its mission. It put its coat on, washed its face and closed the... more
Freedom Not Freedom Allowing yourself to write Heavy Metal lyrics Believing them Marriage Marriage Art Judging it Smoking every now and then... more
My sweetheart is a genius. Genius in the way she can smile when I'm an ape, genius in the way she kisses me  when I'm a mouse, and genius in the way she stands back and... more
Love Not Love Hugging Hugging a slime God The word 'God' Smiling Etiquettes Your aunt Your other aunt all the doors in the world's houses open... more
It's 1916, in some village off Naples, Italy. Massimo has been playing with his friends on the beach near their house. He comes in because he's hungry (Massimo is eleven years old). His... more
There's this place where I go to eat Shawarma (a Lebanese lamb sandwich). They got a new guy working there. He looked nice so I started to talk to him every time I go there. When I got to know... more
Jill is 12 years old. She has blond hair and she lives 5 houses down from Stephen.  Stephen is 11. He has black hair and everyday he walks to school with Jill. Jill and Stephen are good... more
Published in "Five O'clock Shadow" Fish Short Story Prize   Among all the buildings on this street I'm the tallest one. Seven floors high, four apartments to each floor,... more
JJJJJJJJJJJanet has a a a a a sttttttttttuter, Janet has a stutter when things a a a a a are not going too wwwwwwwwell for her. FFFFFFFace against the wall, lllllips swollen, not pollen, ssssswollen... more