Sami Moukaddem

If you watched my TEDx talk then you might be interested to know that for the past nine years I have been working on a feature length documentary on depression and trauma, approaching the topic as a psychologist, and using my self as a case study. I refer to a wide range of personal issues, and the various approaches that I have applied on myself over a period of over 30 years. I am now at final stages of editing.

I’m also aiming to start creating videos where I expand on the various approaches I mention in the documentary. My hope is to create a resource for those who are struggling with depression. I’ll upload the videos to Youtube and also attach links on this website. You are welcome to e-mail me with suggestions or interest in any particular areas.

Once my film is finished (in a month?), I’m aiming to send it to film festivals. I’m currently trying figure what is the best way to do this. I have funded the film myself and I have no experience in post production, so if anybody has suggestions or ideas, please e-mail me.

[email protected]